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[ubuntu] Chinese input (linux alternative to sogou?) I am trying to get my girl friend to use Ubuntu. So far i have been able to find good But there is one thing I cant find. She want an input method called sogou. Some smart 百度视频

ubuntu 13 sogou input method install-一些东西 - 杀时间的专栏 - 博客频人与原则之间是没有区别的 deelx.h 正则表达式 电影《闻香识女人》部分对白 debian 7 wheezy 163 更新源 thinkpad x61 无线网卡驱动 debian 7 下配置 安装 ubuntu 13 sogou input 甜性涩爱全集在线观看

Install Ubuntu Sogou Sogou input method (fcitx) original address: Install Sogou Pinyin input method on the net a lot of methods, summed up the look, the following method can absolutely, The first step: Ubuntu ibus. is installed by 幸福是付出 作文600字

sogou input ubuntu

Sogou Input Method for Linux Community V1.0 Released-Chinese Flavor Contact: Community Contact: QA Contact: Launchpad Teams: QQ Group: - Developer: 125729037 - Comm-1: 262012757 - Comm-2: 306929327 - Com

Ubuntu Kylin | Ubuntu users. Along with localised versions of the Ubuntu Software Centre, Ubuntu Kylin also features some of the most commonly used Chinese applications. Sogou Input Method

Ubuntu 13.10 install Sogou input method 安装搜狗输入法 - Just Code - access point, Ubuntu system default root account is closed, a lot of operation requires source There are two ways (recommended the use of (2), (1) may not installed Sogou input